Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

At vRockk we constantly monitor the quality an authenticity of the content. If you find any copyright-protected work published on vRockk app or website, please notify us immediately by either writing to us at or by filling in the contact form below.

While submitting the infringement notification, please provide with us with the following information as this will help us better understand the violation, quickly identify the content in question and take necessary action to remedy the copyright violation.

  • Information
  • Your Name + Designation
  • Your Organization + Physical Address + Phone Number + Email Address
  • Copyright Infringement Information:
  • Content Type: Video / Audio / Photo / Other Creative Works
  • A Screenshot of the uploaded/published work at vRockk app or website
  • Statement
  • Submit a statement that you are the legal owner or the agent/representative of the legal owner of the content in question; that the unauthorized use of the said content is not allowed by the copyright owner or by law.

The submitted email will be considered signed by the sender. vRockk will take immediate and appropriate action to ensure that the copyright protected work is removed from its app, website and is not hosted at any of its servers.

vRockk maintains the policy that the content creators and publishers have the sole responsibility to ensure that the any video/audio/image/other creative works used in their posts do not violate copyrights.

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You can also use this contact form to get in touch with us regarding any copyright infringement or violations you want to report.

Please make sure to add all the required information in your message.